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Poster: HektorT Date: Jan 18, 2010 10:59am
Forum: feature_films Subject: The Deadly Companions

I found this movie, the Deadly companions recently on here:

And it is described in this forum

As being Public Domain, but in fact it's not. The movie was not renewed for copyright, but the novel that it's based on is still under copyright, under the title "Yellowleg"

Just pointing it out because I was reading some other threads here where people sound like they're getting frustrated over movie deletions. In fact determining copyright status can be quite different, as the copyright laws are a moving target with laws changing every few years (google kurosawa's films for example).

In this case the original movie registration listed the alternative title (of movie and novel) but the renewal did not. But the novel was in fact renewed. So in addition to the vagueries of the copyright law concerning public domain, in some cases the records themselves are not complete!

Somebody referred to using the online PD catalogs (desertislandfilms, etc) to research titles, but I wouldn't use them as any sort of reliable reference at all. There are different philosophies and different strategies and they take the most profitable route if there is any flexibility at all in the interpretation while the philosophy of seems to be the exact opposite. There are also a lot of movies on there that I'm convinced are only on there to convince unwitting souls that they need to buy the copyright checking service from those companies.

But there's a lot of good information here on this forum, so I'm thankful to everybody who continues to help out!

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Poster: guyzilla Date: Jan 18, 2010 1:42pm
Forum: feature_films Subject: Re: The Deadly Companions

I'll start by thankig you for your post as I thought it is very informative. Yeah, it's a bummer when an old movie is taken down for whatever reason, at least it is for me. I can understand the frustration of needing to download a movie a second time only to find it gone. I, personally, have felt I had to take down some stuff I put up because they weren't as free and clear as I had previously believed, and for other uploaders, the same story. Most of us only put up what we believe is pd, and we try our best to make sure the movies are PD before we upload them. But sometimes mistakes are made, and we're compelled to fix those mistakes as we find them.
And of course there are the other guys, and most of you know what I mean, the ones who put up more current and obviously copyright material. You can tell they're doing it on purpose and don't give a damn about copyrights, and it's hard to get staff to deal with it, but it does get dealt with eventually. But, on checking it out, I found that this is the work of only about four or five individuals, and is not typical of most of the contributors. From what I've seen, most people who upload here have their hearts in the right place.